Winch Lane Surgery

01437 762333

Email contact

You are now able to contact the surgery via email.  The general surgery address is

This e-mail is to only be used to request a non-urgent routine call back or to discuss an ongoing or routine issue.

This e-mail should not be used for urgent requests. For urgent issues please telephone the surgery on 01437 762333. If you are experiencing chest pain, collapse, severe breathing difficulties, have one sided weakness or slurred speech or severe bleeding, please dial 999 immediately.

Please be aware that by emailing the practice you are consenting for us to contact you. We will aim to get back to you within 48 hours. This email will be accessed by staff at the surgery and a copy recorded in you electronic record. Please be aware of security issues surrounding your personal email and the potential for the email to be hacked.

For minor conditions your local pharmacy offers free help and advice without the need for an appointment. You might be able to get medication free of charge under the common ailments scheme. If needed, they will direct you to your GP.