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Screening for Life

This page tells you about the free NHS screening test that Public Health Wales will offer you. When you are due for screening, you will be sent more information about it, including the benefits and risks.

If you are transgender, you may not be sure which screening test you will be offered. You can find more information by

What is screening?
• Screening looks for early signs of disease or a condition in adults and children who do not have symptoms.
• Finding a condition early gives you the best chance of early treatment and survival.
• You may feel well even if you have early signs of a condition.
• No screening test is 100% accurate and some conditions may be missed.
• If you have any questions about screening, contact your local screening office or your GP.
• Taking part in screening is your choice. It is important that you understand the benefits and risks of screening before
you give your permission to take part. If you need help to understand the information you have been given, contact
your local screening office (the contact details will be on the letter you receive).

NHS screening

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